Thursday, November 20, 2008

Learning some things from Honest Riches

Reading Honest Riches is like "getting a hipp education" to phrases that have become part of the common lingo of the world, but somehow eluded me, until now. I'm also learning that it really is possible to create an Internet Marketing business without a website....and in fact, static websites, as I know them, just may not be the very best way to get high search engine rankings. Who would have ever thought that?

When I was sharing with my husband some of the things I'm learning about, such as blogging for profit, social networking sites, Web 2.0 sites and forum listings, he said it not only sounded like I was learning some quality information, but, that I was enjoying learning it. He was right.

The first time I thought about getting ready to try my hand at blogging, I posted on a forum asking for opinions on who thought which blog sites were the best, and why. Unfortunately my thread did not generate any discussion. Not to worry, I came to the conclusion that when the time was right, I would make my decision based on the sites that Holly talks about in her book. (Little did I know how soon that would be.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honest Riches: The Study on How To Make Money On the Internet

Finally ordering Honest Riches felt like a really big step for me, for once I made the decision to purchase Holly Mann's book, I knew I had to make a commitment to myself that I would see reading the book through to the end. In the back of my mind were a few guilty memories of projects started in earnest, but left unfinished. Since I truly desire to find honest ways to make money online so I can work from home, honoring my commitment should not prove too difficult.

Ordering and downloading the Honest Riches was really easy. After the e-book was on my computer, I decided to go on and burn a couple of back-up copies for safe-keeping. In fact, since the newest version, Honest Riches 3, is 277 pages long, to have it in paper format for ease of reading was my next step. Since I had a spare 3-ring-binder on hand, I just used a manual hole punch and a simple notebook for my pages. Starting out, I decided to print off the book in blocks of about 40 pages, thinking I would read each allotment, then go back and print off the next block of pages. Each evening I would try to read the pages I printed earlier. The last thing I wanted to do is rush, but, the other last thing I wanted to do is wait!

Somewhere between 30 - 50 pages in, I realized I wish I had been taking notes, highlighting or even just making references and jotting down page numbers of points, tip and how-to's for future reference. Wanting to do this right, and with the best benefit I can, I grab some notebook paper and start reading Honest Riches from the beginning, again. ( I prefer taking hand written notes, but you could just as easily put your notes in a word processor document. ) If repetition and taking notes was how our teachers thought we learned best while in school, why not use those same techniques here? Now, if you try this, it's not so much to write down every detail, but rather an outline of the information you think you will want to refer back to….really simple outline of ideas, notes to look up websites, and page numbers. I think when these notes will really come in handy is when I start to put together my first site and need to know how to research and submit it to get ranking on the search engines, like Google and Yahoo. It's one thing to read it and have it make sense, but another to actually remember what to do the first time!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Goals Accomplished: Legitimate Survey Site & Ordered Honest Riches

In my last post I outlined some of my goals to get me back on track...I've done well with 2 out of 6 goals.

I researched and found a legitimate paid survey site to work with: .

Now keep in mind, I am only doing online surveys to make a little "seed money" for my Internet Marketing start up expenses. My main objective is to utilize Holly Mann's Honest Riches so that I can actually learn how to make a "pipeline" business online. Usually, in working, people are doing the physical work themselves, like carrying buckets. They must carry buckets, of "water" to actually "get" the water...or, they must do the work in order to make the money. To have a pipeline, where the "water" flows freely, whether or not you are there, is what I am trying to do. I want to create income streams that flow with or without my being "on the spot". So, to make that happen, I've achieved the 2nd goal of my list: I ordered Holly Mann's Honest Riches.

Ordering was really simple. Once my order was confirmed, I was able to download the e-book right to my computer in a PDF file. Because I like the safety of backups, I burned a copy of the book to CD, then, because I prefer to have a paper copy of books, I printed the book out. No short task, for the book is nearly 300 pages long.

Remember I said I had done well with 2 out of 6 of my goals? Fact is, I'm not giving up. The goals I have accomplished are things I've really been trying to do, so with those under my belt, I'm more motivated to get the rest of myself in order with the other things.

As soon as I get into reading Honest Riches, I'll let you know how I'm doing and if I'm learning anything!