Thursday, February 18, 2010

Disipline: Starting out it's not how much you do, but that you DO it!

Good intentions, creative ideas and enthusiasm don't mean a thing if you ain't, not that swing, but discipline.. 

Building strong discipline in completing my daily "to-do" list is my focused goal this month.  Out of that will come progress in the areas that are important to me, and hopefully help prevent me from "back-sliding".  You may know what I minute you are productive and knocking projects off your list, then the next minute your desk is a piled up mess and you feel out of control of your life.

I'm finding that instead of focusing on how much I get done, it's more important that I"m getting "it" done.

I'm exercising every day...not a long time, but consistently.
I'm working on the SBI Action Guide every day.  Not quickly, but with strong focus on what I do.
I'm cleaning one room a scheduled.
I'm taking one paper/project out of my "holding" file and doing something with it.  It might take two or three days to complete, but I'm activily doing something.

For now I'm not making any predictions on where this will lead.  For now, I'm just focusing on discipline.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Find and Develop Your Best Site Concept...That's what' up next!

Last night was one of relaxation combined with good productivity.  As my goals quoted below from my previous post indicated, I wanted to wrap up Day 1..which I did.
Current Goals for Progress:

~Watch Video Action Guide for Big Picture and Day 1

~Read articles in the Read Now folder

~Stay organized: Delete or sub-file by topic any bookmarks for articles I choose to keep
The idea of creating topic specific Favorites folders to file Action Guide articles I want to read later is a great one...starting out organized is key.

To prepare for Day 2 of the Action Guide I printed the 37 pages of  Find and Develop Your Best Site Concept.  In a few minutes, in fact, I'll do my first read-through.  Tomorrow I'll watch the Video Action Guide, then I'll finally make my true start at actually "doing" the steps.

I don't want my site to be full of half-understood choices.  I'd rather take 3 times as long to work the program and create a solid, well built website, than to rush and think "I guess I'm doing this right" and end up with a half baked concept.

Since the tortoise is the SBI mascot, I'm believe I'm moving at just the right pace!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Site Build It Action Guide Update: Big Picture & Day 1

Three days into owning SBI and I'm feeling at ease...not the least bit overwhelmed. 

Thus far I have read the "Big Picture Introduction--Prepare To Succeed" and Day 1 -- Master The Basics.

As I have been reading and have come across links for articles to read, I'm bookmarking them into 1 of 2 folders:
~Read NOW
After I read each article I will decide if I can delete the bookmark or  if I should re-file the article into a reference folder.  For example, one article has to do with building in-bound links...definitely something I can see would be of importance for future reference.

Also, instead of printing every page of the Action Guide, I'm reading until I come across something that I believe I'll need to have in front of me...such as the technical directions on how to work some of the research tools, etc.

A great piece of advice I read in one of the SBI e-zines about getting started is:  Put your SBI blinders on....meaning, don't let the books, forums, newsletters, etc, of other methods draw your attention away.  All we need to focus on is the education from SBI.  So, I took an hour yesterday to clean out my original Internet Marketing notebooks, articles, brainstorm lists, etc.  Also, I bagged up and stored my copy of Honest Riches by Holly Mann.  It served it's purpose, but I don't need it now.

There were several issues of a magazine from my niche topic that I had accumulated.  I tore out the pertinent articles I wanted to keep for future reference and created a file by subject.  It will be a while before I need to think about them again, but for now they are not a piled distraction.

Still doing well on my home and personal to-do lists.  It dawned on me last night that to be successful in all areas of my life comes down to the simple act of discipline. 

Won't it be great if it really is that simple?

Current Goals for Progress:

~Watch Video Action Guide for Big Picture and Day 1
~Read articles in the Read Now folder
~Stay organized:  Delete or sub-file by topic any bookmarks for articles I choose to keep

If I can accomplish these goals today, then I'll be set to start Day 2 tomorrow...Develop Your Best Site Concept!  Now that will feel like I'm getting some concrete poured for this business' foundation!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It Only Took Me A Year and A Half...

My journey began over 1 and 1/2 years ago...and I'm happy to say, I'm still traveling.

Tonight I purchased my SBI! subscription. As my prior notes on the Action Guide indicate, the beginning of the process involves reading and/or watching the videos, analyzing, studying, thinking...BAM...using my brains and motivation.

So far I've
:   Printed the Business-Building Checklist
                    Read the Big Picture Introduction: Prepare To Succeed

As the material teaches, I'm going to take my time, read and watch the Action Guide, click on every link for articles, and absorb all SBI! has to teach me.


Friday, February 12, 2010

SBI: Today is The Day!

The clock is ticking, I'm working my way through today's "To-Do" list, and by this evening, I will be purchasing my SBI! Website subscription!!! 

It's time.  This is not an impulsive decision, but a well thought out, worked for and planned arrival along the path that started over two years ago.

Want to know why I'm waiting until tonight?  Past experience.  When I get excitied about beginning a new project, it's all too easy to "go to dessert first" before finishing my dinner...meaning, do what I have to do before starting on what I want to do.

Here is a link to an article on the 10 Disgusting Habits of Work From Home Internet Marketers .  I was never as bad as this list, but I did have a time when I felt obsessed with learning IM and my house and home office responsibilities definitely took a back burner.  This was when I was reading Honest Riches by Holly Mann.  Her book was actually a great way to begin my education on Internet Marketing...I'd still highly recommend it for those starting out in this big "field of dreams", but afterwards, if building a website is how you want to proceed, the information from SBI is far more in depth...perfect for the 2nd stage of the process.

This time, I'm in a great place.  My house and home office work are up to date...I'm healthy and exercising...eating smart and healthy...basically...I'm ready! a few more hours, I'll actually begin my "college course" towards building my online business.

Today is a great day!

Will soon be purchasing my SBI! Website

Having just finished viewing the last of the SBI Video Action Guide, I am on the cusp of purchasing my website subscription.

My original intent to review each "day" of the Action Guide fell to the wayside during the Christmas season and subsequent bought of illness...then being out of town.

Though I was "plugging" along with watching the videos, the vast array of content made for difficult material to simply "review".

The bottom line:  If you decide to purchase and use SBI, the knowledge you will learn along with the tools provided will more than pay for themselves.

Just today while reading the section on monitizing, I was ovely impressed with the additional powerful tools that become available after writing and publishing 30 pages of content. 

Did you know that there really is a formula for knowing when to begin monitizing on your website?  Well, there is!  And SBI teaches us why and when...among hundreds of other important lessons.

If you do read or view the Action Guide before purchasing SBI, keep in mind the phrase "read from 30,000 feet"...meaning, read for becoming familiar, not for learning.  There is an advantage to getting familiar with material before trying to study and comprehend, let alone apply it.

I'll openly and honestly say this, I enjoyed the basic knowledge I learned from Holly Mann's Honest Riches, but what she teaches is like elementary school knowledge when compared with all that SBI has to teach. 

SBI is serious business about seriously teaching you to build a serious web business...Seriously!

My plan, beginning tomorrow:

Feb 12:  Wrap up loose ends of office and home projects to stay caught up and on track.
               Purchase my SBI subscription.

               Print Day 1 of the Action Guide, put in binder and begin the study and process of building my web  business.

Though my progress to this point may seem slow, the fact is that I am moving on a solid path toward a defined goal, as opposed to flailing around with a mish mash of affilate programs, quickly getting nowhere.

At this moment I offer my praise and thanks to God for giving me the direction I needed to arrive at this point.  Truly, thanks be to God.