Saturday, October 17, 2009

Niche Selecting: Reassurance & Application

Had a bit of niche-choosing reassurance last night after re-watching some of the SBI! Video Guides Day 2 lessons. The importance of analyzing the keywords search demand and supply was stressed, along with using the resulting data to brainstorm for broadening or narrowing your chosen niche.

I did some Googling for sites that are similar to my niche, and even ferreted out some SBI! sites. The question that has been running through my mind is "What can I do to make my site different? What can I offer that will be of value for the content I will be creating, that isn't already out there?".

It's easy to start feeling unsure, or even insecure about having something to build a site around that will actually offer enough to have others want to read the content....or at least for me it is!

Anyway, in the SBI! lessons it talks about "bending and stretching" your potential niche until you find something to be unique to your talents and knowledge. So, I started thinking about what my real experience with my niche is.

OK, now with that idea, is there something I believe can be added that would make it even more unique? Yes!

So, with that thought in mind I decided to look through my notebook where, about 6 months ago, I had been outlining some of the resource books that I would use for my content building. In there I had actually come up with my first draft site concept niche...and it was totally on line with what I had come up with last night. Except, now I had "drilled down" and made it more unique.

You might be wondering how this helps you? If you have a passion about something, go back in your memory to the beginning and look for the components that make up your experience. From within those components, look for possible "topic keywords" and research those. Even Google for websites and see what comes up.

Trust in yourself and look within....don't try to force anything, but work with what you know...isn't that a saying? Write what you know?

Lets' all try it, but instead, build a niche with what you know!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Niche-Choosing + Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Stayed awake this time while studying Day 2 of the SBI! Video Action Guide. To give myself a change of pace I decided to watch a couple of videos I did not watch last night. The first on Niche choosing, the second on Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Earlier in my blog I mentioned the Google tool, after learning about it when studying the Holly Mann book Honest Riches. Hate to say this, but after watching the video on using this tool, I do believe I totally mis-applied the results in some of my keyword research for previous articles. Ooops!

Tonight's video actually has you open the tool in a different window and do research with your own site concept keyword ideas, working along with the instructions from the video. Not only do you do the steps, but you are being given explanations of exactly what the data means and how to work with the tables to get different comparisons of the data.

The work with the Niche Choosing is shown with tools you have access to once your purchase SBI!, but to see, again, how much research will be available, is educational.

***If you read yesterdays post, you know that I fell asleep, literally, at my computer last night. Well, as I was starting out tonight to watch the videos, I again felt uncomfortable and sleepy. I changed out of my "day clothes" into something comfy. Also, I was unable to get comfortable sitting in my desk chair, so I took the laptop and stretched out on the floor! No sleepiness or lack of my point here is to remember that sometimes you have to change your approach to a project to get the best result!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finding The Time - A book available on

Though far from perfect, I am doing quite a lot better on staying focused and productive. In fact, I'm re-reading a great book titled: Finding The Time, by Sharon Hanby-Robie. It's from a series called "The Spirit of Simple Living" originally offered by Guideposts, but now available new and used for half the price on

The book is written in short chapters, easy to read and graced with gentle teachings of the Bible to support what is being taught in each chapter. As a way to make time to read, I try to do so each morning while having my breakfast. A nice way to get positive thinking started early in the day!

As regards my progress with the SBI! Video Action Guide...I've watched and read (with the online text) the introduction and Day 1....I watched Day 2 last night, but was so exhausted that I literally fell asleep at my computer. At the end of the video there is cheering and that is what awakened me...I'd insert a blushing smile here if I had one!

Needless to say, the combination of being tired, not starting the video until 10pm and the section being detailed meant that I was not in the right place at the right time. I will try again tonight to see if I can stay awake and absorb the information.

I will say this, without a doubt from what I've seen so far, the tools received from the SBI! web building program are out of this world incredible. It's definitely going to be worth the price.

Again, for anyone reading this, if you want to have a look at the program, this version of the SBI! Video Action Guide is totally free to review.

Well, time waits for no I'm off to watch Day 2, for a 2nd time!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Distractions, Interruptions and What To Do With Them

In yesterdays post I wrote about distractions:

The first lesson I will apply is "Don't get distracted"... Faithfully focus on the steps of the Action Guide and stay the course.

When I was thinking about this lesson, it was in conjunction with not studying or referring to any other Internet Marketing or Website building "how-to" program. The idea being to focus solely on the teaching of the SBI! Video and Text Action not get back into daily participation of forums...even the SBI! forum. To harness my time and energy on the pursuit of ONE goal.

Doing this is harder than I thought. Now that I'm "back in the game", I find myself wanting to see what's been going update my old finally organize my notebook of Affiliate and Forum user names and passwords...all productive and useful, but not now....these are distractions.

One of my major productive flaws is creating daily To-Do lists that are too long...too ambitious. Yes, there are things that must be done daily, but in balance.

Instead of a list of 15 tasks, I'll limit the list to 6. IF I finish all those, then I can add another.

As I sit at my desk I see the stack of files to my right. A distraction. My initial response would be to tackle all the files today and get through them, but I'll commit to 1 file...completely working through it. Tomorrow, the next file, and so on until that distraction is off my desk, completed ad behind me.

A distraction does not have to be a negative thing..sometimes even things we enjoy can distract us. Instead of 2 hours of TV I'll be aware and just turn the thing off in the evening. I'll be the first to say that I am weak when it comes to limiting myself there. The theory of "A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion stays in motion" sure holds true for me. Once I sit on the sofa with the remote in hand I hear the voice in my head saying "Ok, just for fun let me see what else is on". Complete distraction.

The final thing I'll be sure to keep doing is continue implementing the "15-Minute" rule:

Anyone can do something for 15 minutes.

With the aid of a simple timer set for 15 minutes starting on projects or tasks is easier. If this sounds like something you would like to try for yourself, follow this link to the HubPages article I wrote a while back: 15 Minutes to Boost Productivity.

*** Keep in mind there will be a fine line of distinction between distraction, interruption and sharing your time with others for fellowship.

This thought came to mind as I heard the call of the billiard balls from our game room. For a fun "something to do together" my husband and I recently purchased a billiard table. We try to play a few games a day, and I like to shoot a couple of practice games by myself at night. A lesson I learned from my first year of Internet Marketing is to not get overly "obsessed"! Once that happened and all I could think of was working online (whether or not it was productive) I found that it was easy to get a bit resentful towards obligations and family...not a mistake I plane to make again!

***To achieve my goal I'll set aside a specific time of day to devote to reading the SBI! Video Action Guide. Most likely between 7pm and 10pm.

Well, being true to my theory, I'm about to make my list of 6, tackle the 1st file from the stack, then challenge myself to complete items 1-5 before 7pm!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where I've Been and What I've far

Five months is a long time to be away...especially from something that had captured my interest and ignited the feeling that I had finally found exactly what I had been searching for. I had really believed that internet marketing and building a website to share my knowledge and teach others about my passion was what I was meant to do.

Recently, when I first realized how long it had been since I last posted, it brought forth a feeling of sadness and disappointment in myself...that once again I had started something "full throttle" then left it unfilled. I know exactly when my steam began to fade: After thinking I had made my first big commission from an affiliate program, only to find out that the customer asked to switch the credit to another person. After finding out the "back story", I understood and agreed that there was validity to the customers request. She had originally clicked on my link, so had my affiliate cookie. However, from a forum, she had received answers and guidance to her particular questions and needs. The other person (who I know and consider a great mentor and friend) really had been of service with her knowledge and experience during the "information gathering process" that proceeds any major purchase.

In the end, it really wasn't that big of a deal, but no matter, like the air seeping out of a balloon, my energy and interest towards anything related to internet marketing dwindled. My belief in what I was doing wained. Eventually I stopped blogging, participating in forums or even studying for building my website.

During the last five months my husband and I stepped-up our home search by traveling the Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coasts. For the last two years we were "temporarily" living in an apartment...the result of having sold our business and been blessed with the chance to begin an early "retirement". After viewing around 60 houses we finally found a home...truly somewhere that feels right. Anyone who has ever moved knows that no matter how much you organize and prepare, it's hard work. Before, during and after. Thankfully we are just about 2 months into the after, and though we still have some unpacking and minor tweaks, it's definitely feeling like home.

Now you know the "Where I've Been" part of this post...on to the "What I've Learned"....

I honestly think the break has been very productive. Granted, it feels like my internet marketing brain is filled with cobwebs, but I'm feeling the stir of interest to begin again. And, it really is like a new beginning, but better. This time I'm not setting out to make a business solely by being an affiliate. It didn't work for me. Representing products, blogging and writing articles gave me knowledge and experience, but all in fragments. To create something that is going to last, grow, benefit others and actually be successful I must create a website.

Not just a website, but a great one. An excellent resource full of content, advice, examples, and yes...specifically chosen affiliate products, but only those I fully believe will benefit my visitors. No more representing a product just because it offers a high commission. And that's a positive thing, for it will really narrow my focus to what is relative to my passion.

If you have read any of my earlier posts you know what I think about SBI! (Site Build It!), the website building+so much more company. Like an athlete warms up before the big race, last night I began watching the 1st video of the free version of the Video Action Guide (VAG) to prime myself on what to expect when I purchase my SBI! site. (It's the same guide actual SBI! users use, just without access to all the research and marketing tools you get once you own SBI!).

The first lesson I will apply is "Don't get distracted"... Faithfully focus on the steps of the Action Guide and stay the course.

That's a great lesson, for distractions come in many forms. Participating in forums, reading RSS feeds, reading and writing HubPage articles, chasing down affiliate programs...all these are things I spent my time on...before. Don't get me wrong, these aren't bad things. They are just not things I want to have clutter my mind or steal my time...been there, done that...have nothing to show for it. Lesson learned.

When I first created this blog I did so with the intention of being honest in my choices and experiences with internet marketing. That hasn't changed. I'm not sure how often I'll post while studying the Video Action Guide, but, I'll definitely update here along the way.

As I sit here in after thought, I realize that I'm feeling more clear headed and confident. I enjoy doing this...writing and sharing what I know. Truly, truly, everything is going to be just fine.