Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm still here...and so is Cat Talk

Obviously, I've not posted here in quite some time. Probably because I've not been actively creating content for Cat Talk in the last couple of months.

When I ask myself, "WHY?" did I stop writing, I have a few ideas...mostly because the demands of some "spring time" projects seemed to consume my energy. Then that crazy old thing called "life" sort of drained my creative side.

The good thing is that I'm back to work on my site...partially published a new content page on the Cat's Ears...partially meaning that I have the content written and coded, but I did not completely upload everything.

Tonight marks the first time I've added video to my website...using YouTube and the embed feature is a snap. I'm really looking forward to eventually uploading my own videos, but, for now, I'm confident the videos I've chosen will really help to emphasize all that I am teaching about the cat's ears.

I still have the goal to write and publish one content page and one product review per week. It does not sound like anything too grand, so, I'll strive to complete that goal and eventually, build my content to 30 pages so I can begin to monetize.

Between now and then, I'm looking forward to creating more excellent content...getting back into my "teaching" frame of mind!

Thanks for reading and I hope to check in more often!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year...

I love New Years...a chance to improve on what I've learned from the past.

I'm still happily working on my goals are to publish one content page and one product review per week.

I've finished the first draft of my next page, so I'm right on schedule.

Tomorrow I'll review the Action Guide and outline what I will do over the next course to move towards Day 10...It is my goal to complete the program before my 1 year anniversary.

Feeling great and still 100% satisfied with choosing SBI as my web business building partner.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soon to be on SBI Day 7

As continutes to grow, so do I.

Creating the content and adding some HTML code is becomming more natural, though I still use my "code templates" reason not to.

In addition to content, I've created my privacy/legal policies page as well as my site map.

When SBI released the option for the 3rd column, even for Block Buildit templates, I made a decision.

I'm not going to add it...just yet. When I do, I see it as being where I'll add the invitations for Content 2.0...meaning where visitors will be able to add their own contributions.

The cool feeling is that I like my is really bringing forth the vision I had for it, and I am feeling more at ease with how my site blueprint is tieing together...meaning, my original plan is OK!

Though I'm confident that I will not be reaching my goal of 30 pages before the end of the year, I'm fine with that.

The content I'm creating is quality, and that, after all is what is is all about!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tweaking the keywords...

I think I am completely caught up "tweaking" my existing web pages on!

Every time I think I'm "done", I find something else that I need to do, or want to check. Really trying to make sure that when I do this "follow up", it's important and not just "busy work".

Tonight's work was focused on reading each published web page, and as I came across a concept word or supporting word, I referenced my SBI Brainstorm It generated list for the best form of that word.

When writing, I try to use specific keywords, but in the text or content, there will often be general ideas phrases where I can get more exact with the wording and use a specific keyword.

It took a few hours, but with 4 pages, I now have over 70+ keywords worked in. The main page concept word is the big focus, but the supporting words are worked in naturally.

The next step is to review the Action Guide and see what new step I can take, alongside beginning my next Tier page. I'm torn between creating my next Tier 2 page, or building another supporting Tier 3.

I'm leaning on the Tier 2, so I can add my two remaining pages that I've written...originally for The Cat's Eyes Tier 3 page. The page just went so long, and in the process I realized that two of the subjects could be used under another section.

No matter, I'm onto the next step!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Greatest Thing About the Internet Is....

It's always there...even when I'm not.

During the time between my last post here, and now, I've been learning to develop my website as well as building pages...that is, up until life stepped in and required my energy and attention.

Even though I have not worked on my website in over 3 weeks, the traffic has continued to find me. It's so encouraging to realize that building an online business will truly allow me to do what I can as I can.

Am I still a strong supporter of SBI? You bet! My only fear is seeing how much I do or do not remember when I start back to work on my new page....all of which should take place tomorrow.

For those wondering, I have found SBI to be easy to understand, easy to find the answers when I don't understand (in their forums) and proving to provide to me all that they have promised in the way of putting me out on the internet to the search engines. Their research tools did indeed guide me to developing keywords that I am already being found for...5 of them...actually, in 5 different word combos for similar words...I've only created 3 pages live, you see.

Anyway...really did not mean to be so long in posting...I can predict that my life will still be very demanding, but I'm truly determined to get back into my writing and developing web pages.

It takes 30 pages before I can have the option for monetizing available...I'm slow, but create total pages that I'm satisfied if I can create 10 pages per month, I'll have the monetizing option available for the New Year...there you have it...I just set a goal...30 quality pages by December 31st 2010.

To date: 3 pages...goal: 7 pages by September 30...meaning...3 days per page? Truthfully that does not sound like something I can do...I really like to research and write, finding the perfect images for the point. Don't get me wrong, I am going to shoot for the moon and see how I do!

Will post back the last day of the month to state how many pages I've published.