Monday, September 27, 2010

Tweaking the keywords...

I think I am completely caught up "tweaking" my existing web pages on!

Every time I think I'm "done", I find something else that I need to do, or want to check. Really trying to make sure that when I do this "follow up", it's important and not just "busy work".

Tonight's work was focused on reading each published web page, and as I came across a concept word or supporting word, I referenced my SBI Brainstorm It generated list for the best form of that word.

When writing, I try to use specific keywords, but in the text or content, there will often be general ideas phrases where I can get more exact with the wording and use a specific keyword.

It took a few hours, but with 4 pages, I now have over 70+ keywords worked in. The main page concept word is the big focus, but the supporting words are worked in naturally.

The next step is to review the Action Guide and see what new step I can take, alongside beginning my next Tier page. I'm torn between creating my next Tier 2 page, or building another supporting Tier 3.

I'm leaning on the Tier 2, so I can add my two remaining pages that I've written...originally for The Cat's Eyes Tier 3 page. The page just went so long, and in the process I realized that two of the subjects could be used under another section.

No matter, I'm onto the next step!

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