Sunday, August 24, 2008

Internet Marketing: Just Starting Out

For me, when I start something new, something I know nothing about, but have a strong interest in, it can be exciting, confusing, intimidating and enthralling, all at the same time. Being brand new to Internet Marketing with the hopes of creating and growing multiple income streams has me feeling all of the above, and then some!
As I begin this new venture and personal journey, I imagine I'm not the only person, or the last person, trying to figure out how to develop an income from working online, so, why not chronicle my progress? Why not record from the beginning why I'm doing this. Map out what led me to this idea. Outline what I try. Explain what I learn. Share when I succeed, and even, when I fail. This will be a great way to see my own progress, but even more valuable, I intend this diary to be something that others can follow and learn from...maybe be encouraged by, inspired by and motivated by.
Who knows, my foray into Internet Marketing may be nothing more than a great education in how other people are making money on the internet, or it could turn out to be the perfect way to launch into a new and exciting stage of my life and discover how to combine my interest and callings with a way to make a living.
I'm ready to find out...


happywife said...

Great to see you've made a start. If you stick with it, you will be one of the ones who do make money! :) Yes, it is hard getting started and figuring out all the steps involved, but if you get the right help and make the right choices, you'll do it. Keep taking those steps!
Angie (Happywife)

frank said...


Congratulations on getting your blog up and running. It is just the beginning, but remember, posting regularly will drive traffic to your site. good luck and have fun through this journey. It is fun and truly worth your while.


Annie T. Baxter said...

Thank you! Your encouragement is truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Annie... you certainly seem like a unique person with unique experiences. Good luck, and keep us "posted".
Capt Pierre

Tammy said...

Hi Annie,

If you remain motivated about your business and have a passion for what you are doing, you will succeed. I wish much success! :D

Sophia said...

You're off to a good start Annie and I'm looking forward to reading and seeing your progress.