Saturday, February 14, 2009

Keyword Research

In my last post I wrote about my focus on article writing while I was still studying the e-book Affiliate Masters Course. Well, in the assignment for the 3rd day of study, the focus is on brainstorming possible themes for a website and using the array of keyword research tools for finding demand of those words along with potential competitors for those types of websites.

Though the research tools are not unknown to me, the SearchIt feature brings all the tools you need into one convenient window...and it's FREE! If you build your website through them (SBI!) then there is a more advance version that you have access to, but, for free, this tool is great.

Since I am totally certain of my website theme, I've made a new decision. I have published 9 articles to my Hub Page account in 5 months. (You can find links to my articles in the HubPages box on the right hand side of this blog. Scroll down a bit...) My goal is to write and publish 1 more article, for an even 10, then focus on the work in the Affiliate Masters Course. After I finish this course I will have created my basic "blueprint" for my intended website. Since that is my next big step, instead of spending time writing general purpose articles, I'm going to pour my energy into the course and any article writing will be to create content for my site.

When you have a strong feeling about something, I believe it is never a bad thing to allow yourself to change course. Who thought doing keyword research could be so invigorating and inspiring?


Jesus "Jay" Sanchez said...

Hi Annie,
For a Newbie internet marketer, you sure have the right attitude and you seem to have pretty good knowledge of the affiliate programs available out there. I, for one, haven't really struck it rich; but I have made some money with CJ, Linkshare and Google. My one big mistake has probably been trying to do everything at the same time. My advice would be: find your "niche" (be specific), stick with that market and partner with companies within that niche so that you can focus all your efforts on building a good relationship with your customers and with your partner companies. I wish you the best of luck in all of your present and future endeavours.

Annie T. Baxter said...

Hi Jay, and thank you for commenting on my blog! Your advice about finding your niche and concentrating on it is exactly what I am now working on. In my next post I'll be sharing what I've discovered by finishing reading my latest e-book, which has me on my beeline for creating a niche website focused on specific content for my target visitors. What I've tried up until now has definitely been to test the waters and see what I like/feel is right for me.

Since I am planning a business for a lifetime, I don't mind that it is taking time!

Best of luck with all you are doing as well.

Until next time...Annie