Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SBI's Affiliate Masters Course

Well, I've just finished reading The Affiliate Masters Course, so I thought it a good time to write a quick re-cap on what I learned.

After actually "doing" the steps up through Day 6 of the course, I found that I only needed to "read" the rest of the e-book, since the manual SEO and marketing techniques discussed will be part of what I will receive when I purchase the SBI! package for building my site. (And, with the push of a button, it will be done automatically for me. Yeah!)

What I gained in Days 1 - 6 include:

Day 1: Grasping the importance of pre-selling to visitors with the information packed content I will provide on my website.

Day 2: Though I "knew" what my niche was, using the Brainstorming lessons and Search It tools allowed me to crystallize my niche a bit more narrow and focused. (Once I sign up with SBI and begin following their Action Guide, it will be interesting to see how it changes from this point. )

Day 3: Developed a huge list of high profitability topics. Learned how to use the tools in Search It to help "prune" out some of the topics.

Day 4: Discovered some incredible techniques to find Affiliate Partners to use when I monitize my site. Some I knew of, but others I had no idea. Again, the Search It tool (free) consolidates all the search tools/links in one window. In fact, I came up with an affiliate I had not found before, so that is good.

Day 5: Focused on refining the final site concept, brainstorming and researching to create the perfect, keyword focused URL for the website. There are 8 factors given to consider when developing your URL. Again, I had come up with what I thought would be a great keyword rich URL, but when i did these exercises, yes, my ideas changed. Though people are divided on short URL's vs. long, and all run together vs. using-dashes, the actual words chosen, for my thought anyway, is the most important.

Day 6: This is something that I will be using a lot before I actually purchase SBI. Learning the way the website pages will be structured. How the site pages link together, how they are integrated for both visitors and Search Engines to be able to navigate, is really important. Plus, this information really helped me to see just "how" to organize my mind into creating the topics, through Tiers 1-2-3.

Again, the reason I'm doing all this pre-reading and "trial exercises" is to prep myself. Once I purchase SBI and my 1 year subscription begins, I don't want to waste time getting familiar with the concepts, but be prepared to tackle the Action Guide and understand it. Sort of like reading the chapter the night before school...it always made the lecture easier to follow and remember.

The next book I'll read is the free e-book called Make Your Content Pre-Sell. Since "Content is King", and that is what makes up an excellent website, I want to know how to do it to my best ability!

I'm thinking I'll take a couple of days off before starting into my next ebook, for I've just purchased a book on my niche that I'm excited about looking through. Though I have strong knowledge and experience in my niche for my website, I believe that continued reading and research can provide a wealth of guidance and inspiration as I plan my Tier 2 and Tier 3 topics.

Sure, there is a lot to do, but since I finally feel I am on a clearly defined course, it's not overwhelming me...in fact, it's the most solid and secure I've felt about my Internet Marketing since I've started!

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