Saturday, May 9, 2009

The SBI Action Guide: My Next Step

Wow. Time flies, or at least in my world of blogging it does. Since my earlier post on Applying What Affiliate Masters Course Taught Me I've been continuing to read the reference material I'll be using with my website creation. Having just recently completed this step, I'm now venturing on with a quick study of the SBI Action Guide. Basically this is the guide that you receive when you buy your website package from SBI. Of course, the tools that come with the site aren't activated, but it's a good opportunity to see what to expect. Since I like to read, I chose the printed guide, but they do offer the SBI Action Guide Video for those who prefer to "see" the information.

As it stands now, I'm planning to purchase my website package no later than June 9th, 2009. Why then? As you can read about in one of my first blog posts: Auctions For Income, June 9th will mark the 1 year date of when I first began my fore into Internet Marketing. Having a goal is one thing, but having a bonafide reason for a particular date is very inspiring for me.

Here's to living life in the slow lane. It might be taking a while, but I'm still moving towards my goal of an honest way to make money online!

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