Thursday, March 26, 2009

Applying what Affiliate Masters Course Taught

As a quick note, I wanted to share how I am now applying something I learned from the Affiliate Masters Course (the E-book course I wrote about in this earlier post.)

Having never built a website, I had often wondered how you went about getting your ideas organized for creating the site. It just seems like such a monumental task. Well, in the Affiliate Masters Course the concept of Tiers is presented.

The SBI website is designed with 3 Tiers. Basically:

~ Tier 1 is the site concept or theme
~ Tier 2 is the collection of topics (that support the site concept)
~ Tier 3 is the collection of individual pages of content to support the topics of Tier 2

Well, when I was reflecting on my intended site concept, I was bumfuzzled on how to go about rounding up my knowledge so I could create my rough draft outline (I say rough draft, for I'll do it "for real" when I purchase SBI and use their tools that come with the package.).

What I'm so excited about, and wanted to share as a possible encouragement or "example" for you to follow, is that I am reading a book that comprises all the topics I want my site to be built around. As I read, I am writing down the chapter themes and sub-topics, then re-organizing them using the Tier system. My content will, of course, be all original, but it is really helping "guide" my thinking to use this "niche" book as a reference.

So, if you are trying to figure out how you should organize your ideas for creating your website, try consulting some of your reference books for an example/inspiration.

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