Friday, March 27, 2009

IDEA: Imprinting Your Website

Are you concerned that when you build/design your carefully chosen niche website, it will end up being just "another" site? I've been wondering how I will avoid being a "me too" site, after looking at some of my competition online.

Tonight while doing some "niche-related" reading, I began to make a connection with some of the points in the book with my own, past experience. My plan is to tie my experiences in with the web content, but in a unique "high-lighted" way. The purpose will be to build trust with my readers that I DO know what I am talking about, for I've "been" in their un-educated shoes, as well. Realizing that I don't want to undermine my effort to be seen as an authority on my subject, I'll create a proper presentation and balance of my own "errors".

What a great way to use the lessons we have learned from our past help others, hopefully, avoid making themselves! A definite way to make your own personal imprint on your website.

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