Saturday, October 17, 2009

Niche Selecting: Reassurance & Application

Had a bit of niche-choosing reassurance last night after re-watching some of the SBI! Video Guides Day 2 lessons. The importance of analyzing the keywords search demand and supply was stressed, along with using the resulting data to brainstorm for broadening or narrowing your chosen niche.

I did some Googling for sites that are similar to my niche, and even ferreted out some SBI! sites. The question that has been running through my mind is "What can I do to make my site different? What can I offer that will be of value for the content I will be creating, that isn't already out there?".

It's easy to start feeling unsure, or even insecure about having something to build a site around that will actually offer enough to have others want to read the content....or at least for me it is!

Anyway, in the SBI! lessons it talks about "bending and stretching" your potential niche until you find something to be unique to your talents and knowledge. So, I started thinking about what my real experience with my niche is.

OK, now with that idea, is there something I believe can be added that would make it even more unique? Yes!

So, with that thought in mind I decided to look through my notebook where, about 6 months ago, I had been outlining some of the resource books that I would use for my content building. In there I had actually come up with my first draft site concept niche...and it was totally on line with what I had come up with last night. Except, now I had "drilled down" and made it more unique.

You might be wondering how this helps you? If you have a passion about something, go back in your memory to the beginning and look for the components that make up your experience. From within those components, look for possible "topic keywords" and research those. Even Google for websites and see what comes up.

Trust in yourself and look within....don't try to force anything, but work with what you know...isn't that a saying? Write what you know?

Lets' all try it, but instead, build a niche with what you know!


Barbara B said...

Thank you for your very interesting and helpful site. I have just recently been forced into early retirement and want to do something online, but it took a long time to wade through all the scams. Perhaps I can learn along with you.

Annie T. Baxter said...

Hi Barbara,
Thank you for visiting, reading and leaving a comment. If any of my experiences can be of assistance to you, it is my pleasure to share! I'd be interested to hear of your progress as well.

Until then...take care,