Thursday, October 15, 2009

Niche-Choosing + Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Stayed awake this time while studying Day 2 of the SBI! Video Action Guide. To give myself a change of pace I decided to watch a couple of videos I did not watch last night. The first on Niche choosing, the second on Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Earlier in my blog I mentioned the Google tool, after learning about it when studying the Holly Mann book Honest Riches. Hate to say this, but after watching the video on using this tool, I do believe I totally mis-applied the results in some of my keyword research for previous articles. Ooops!

Tonight's video actually has you open the tool in a different window and do research with your own site concept keyword ideas, working along with the instructions from the video. Not only do you do the steps, but you are being given explanations of exactly what the data means and how to work with the tables to get different comparisons of the data.

The work with the Niche Choosing is shown with tools you have access to once your purchase SBI!, but to see, again, how much research will be available, is educational.

***If you read yesterdays post, you know that I fell asleep, literally, at my computer last night. Well, as I was starting out tonight to watch the videos, I again felt uncomfortable and sleepy. I changed out of my "day clothes" into something comfy. Also, I was unable to get comfortable sitting in my desk chair, so I took the laptop and stretched out on the floor! No sleepiness or lack of my point here is to remember that sometimes you have to change your approach to a project to get the best result!

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