Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolutions: To Remain Slow and Steady...Dream-Build-Succeed

When I was in first grade and received my first report card, my parents saved it.  A while back I came across my card and was intrigued to read of the teachers comment on my reading skills:

Reads slowly but with expression.

That assessment came about 41 years ago, and in reflecting over my progress of the last year, I'd say it still has merit.

Many moons have risen and set since I began this journey of finding an honest way to make money on the internet.  There have been periods of inactivity...bursts of energy and productivity...times of brainstorming and imagining...analyzing and growing.

The foundation has been set of what will become my business and finally, realization of what I've been wishing I had studied in college and turned into my career.

At this moment I have no regrets.  I'm actually glad that I have not taken the plunge to purchase my SBI! website.  So often I have read of people who jump before thinking, full of giddy enthusiasm and rush through the process, only to not  produce the website of depth and quality that they had so wished to create.

As I move forward, from 2009 into 2010, I do so with great appreciation for who I am and how I do things.

I am moving slowly.  I have within me many wonderful things to express. 

In this coming year of 2010, I look forward to reaping the rewards of my patience.  By waiting to purchase my SBI! website, I'm going to be able to take advantage of their newest, most powerful platform:

I've Dreamed.  I'm ready to Build.  I will Succeed.

2010 is going to be a very good year.

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