Friday, January 8, 2010

SBI Video Action Guide Day 3: Blueprint and Tier Structure Your Website

Having a written list of goals is making it easier to focus on making my way through the Video Action Guide.  The first part of Day 3 was, truthfully, a bit overwhelming and tedious.  HOWEVER, once I'm more than a spectator and actually, for instance, performing my searches for my Master Keyword List, it will make sense and be exciting.

The first section focused on showing how you will use your keyword list to add and eliminate keywords based on the demand, supply and profitability of the words. By creating this well researched list of keywords, you are, in affect, creating a blueprint by which to build your website.

The second section focused on using the 3 tier system to actually structure and outline, or "blueprint",  the pages that will comprise your website, using all the keywords you have been researching. 

One reason I really look forward to using all the keyword research tools offered by SBI is based on my past experience when my husband and I built our 1st and 2nd websites, about 15 years ago.  I remember the webmaster of the 1st site telling us we needed to come up with our list of keywords.  We had to just think up what type of words our customers would be searching for and how they could be tied into our website information.  So NOT scientific, to say the least.

Anyone who is even considering building a website without using the tools offered by SBI is really in for making the job harder on themselves than necessary. 

In fact, here is a real life example:  Would you rather have tools integrated into your website to help you do the research, as with SBI, or would you rather have to buy and study books on keyword research?  And then have to figure out how to implement what you have learned...all on your own?

I know what I'm gonna do!

Dream-Build-Succeed...the time for action is now!

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