Sunday, January 10, 2010

SBI Video Action Guide Days 4 & 5

Last night I watched Day 4 of the SBI Video Action Guide on planning the monetization of your site.  A key lesson to remember, which to my knowledge was totally ignored with the information I learned from the Honest Riches Internet Marketing book not be in a rush to try to monetize...not only must you build up your content and trust with your visitors, but for the success of your site with the search engines you need to have a minumum of 30 pages of content then put in applications to at least two online directories.  Apparently a totally content site is easier to be accepted into the directories than one with Adsense or affiliate links.

It's no wonder so many of us become discoraged when we charge out the gate thinking we'll just start selling these wonderful products, then get dismayed when nothing materializes from our earnest efforts.

Also part of the lessons are creating an actual monetization plan to ensure there will be enough viable and profitable ways to eventually make money with your site.  Most everyone thinks of affiliate selling, but the Day 4 VAG helps to guide your thinking outside of the obvious box.

Tonight I watched Day 5 which focused on refining the site concept, registering the domain name and creating your own "voice" for your site.

Several months ago I came up with what I believed was the perfect domain name for my future site.  I was so anxious to go on and register it...however, I'm glad I did not.  Instead of boxing myself in with what think, I'm allowing my mind to stay open to the process, when I get there.

There are lots of links to articles and a few e-books, like Make Your Content Pre-Sell .  Though I have read it before, I'll definitely give it another read when it's time.

The thought occurred to me that I might be spinning my wheels, doing all this "pre" reading and watching, before making the plunge and buying my SBI site.  But after a minute, I dismissed that thought, for the following quote came to mind:

"People who fail to plan, plan to fail"

I wish I knew who the author of that quote is so I could give credit, but alas, I do not...but I do believe it.

Therefore, I'll continue at the tortoise pace, learning and planning...slowly moving on my goal to finish watching the Video Action Guide and scanning the written Action Guide, completing all by the end of January.

Until then, I'll keep to my slogan:  Dream-Build-Succeed...The time For Action Is NOW!

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