Friday, February 12, 2010

Will soon be purchasing my SBI! Website

Having just finished viewing the last of the SBI Video Action Guide, I am on the cusp of purchasing my website subscription.

My original intent to review each "day" of the Action Guide fell to the wayside during the Christmas season and subsequent bought of illness...then being out of town.

Though I was "plugging" along with watching the videos, the vast array of content made for difficult material to simply "review".

The bottom line:  If you decide to purchase and use SBI, the knowledge you will learn along with the tools provided will more than pay for themselves.

Just today while reading the section on monitizing, I was ovely impressed with the additional powerful tools that become available after writing and publishing 30 pages of content. 

Did you know that there really is a formula for knowing when to begin monitizing on your website?  Well, there is!  And SBI teaches us why and when...among hundreds of other important lessons.

If you do read or view the Action Guide before purchasing SBI, keep in mind the phrase "read from 30,000 feet"...meaning, read for becoming familiar, not for learning.  There is an advantage to getting familiar with material before trying to study and comprehend, let alone apply it.

I'll openly and honestly say this, I enjoyed the basic knowledge I learned from Holly Mann's Honest Riches, but what she teaches is like elementary school knowledge when compared with all that SBI has to teach. 

SBI is serious business about seriously teaching you to build a serious web business...Seriously!

My plan, beginning tomorrow:

Feb 12:  Wrap up loose ends of office and home projects to stay caught up and on track.
               Purchase my SBI subscription.

               Print Day 1 of the Action Guide, put in binder and begin the study and process of building my web  business.

Though my progress to this point may seem slow, the fact is that I am moving on a solid path toward a defined goal, as opposed to flailing around with a mish mash of affilate programs, quickly getting nowhere.

At this moment I offer my praise and thanks to God for giving me the direction I needed to arrive at this point.  Truly, thanks be to God.

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