Saturday, March 14, 2009

Make Your Content Pre-Sell from SBI

My "continuing education" has led me to begin the next free e-book offered by SBI in their "Masters Course" series: Make Your Content Pre-Sell. Having started this book a few days ago, I'm 67 pages into it.

The overall purpose of this book is to teach you how to communicate online. SBI is very concentrated on the importance of "pre-selling" your reader/visitor, and to learn how to do this takes some knowledge mixed with skill.

When I think of communication, the main thing I think of is communicating through speaking or writing. Since we all work online, expand your thought to include how you send information visually. How our websites, or even blogs, are set up is so important.

As I make my way through the book I'll continue to pop back on here and share some of what I've learned, in a "highlighted" sort of way. This way, if you are wondering how this book may be of assistance to you, your answer may be made more clear here. (Or, if I'm not careful, made clear as mud!)

* Points on writing to develop a friendly tone
* For Profitable Pre-Selling, there are 2 "BIG" Right things to do
~Points regarding the Look & Feel of your site
~The importance of over-delivering for what web surfers seek
* A great and useful approach for learning exactly who you are writing your web content for
* Excellent tips on things to consider when laying out your website and web page, from color
to fonts
* Discussion on the actual mechanics of writing to pre-sell
* The importance of outlining your work before putting it online

As you read through the e-book, there are mentions of the SBI (Site Build It) web building program. Mostly tie-in's to show how a lot of the tools that you get with your SBI package help you check your layout and web page elements to be sure they are as highly refined for SEO and those seeking the information you are presenting. However, if you already have your own website or web host that you plan to use, no problem. The wealth of information and education offered will apply to you as well.

Though I already know that I will be purchasing my web package from SBI, I'm still enjoying taking advantage of all the great free educational materials I can.

As I continue reading and learning, I'll post more notes on what the course offers.

Until then, here's to you finding what YOU are meant to be doing on the web!

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