Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Find and Develop Your Best Site Concept...That's what' up next!

Last night was one of relaxation combined with good productivity.  As my goals quoted below from my previous post indicated, I wanted to wrap up Day 1..which I did.
Current Goals for Progress:

~Watch Video Action Guide for Big Picture and Day 1

~Read articles in the Read Now folder

~Stay organized: Delete or sub-file by topic any bookmarks for articles I choose to keep
The idea of creating topic specific Favorites folders to file Action Guide articles I want to read later is a great one...starting out organized is key.

To prepare for Day 2 of the Action Guide I printed the 37 pages of  Find and Develop Your Best Site Concept.  In a few minutes, in fact, I'll do my first read-through.  Tomorrow I'll watch the Video Action Guide, then I'll finally make my true start at actually "doing" the steps.

I don't want my site to be full of half-understood choices.  I'd rather take 3 times as long to work the program and create a solid, well built website, than to rush and think "I guess I'm doing this right" and end up with a half baked concept.

Since the tortoise is the SBI mascot, I'm believe I'm moving at just the right pace!

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