Thursday, February 18, 2010

Disipline: Starting out it's not how much you do, but that you DO it!

Good intentions, creative ideas and enthusiasm don't mean a thing if you ain't, not that swing, but discipline.. 

Building strong discipline in completing my daily "to-do" list is my focused goal this month.  Out of that will come progress in the areas that are important to me, and hopefully help prevent me from "back-sliding".  You may know what I minute you are productive and knocking projects off your list, then the next minute your desk is a piled up mess and you feel out of control of your life.

I'm finding that instead of focusing on how much I get done, it's more important that I"m getting "it" done.

I'm exercising every day...not a long time, but consistently.
I'm working on the SBI Action Guide every day.  Not quickly, but with strong focus on what I do.
I'm cleaning one room a scheduled.
I'm taking one paper/project out of my "holding" file and doing something with it.  It might take two or three days to complete, but I'm activily doing something.

For now I'm not making any predictions on where this will lead.  For now, I'm just focusing on discipline.

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