Friday, February 12, 2010

SBI: Today is The Day!

The clock is ticking, I'm working my way through today's "To-Do" list, and by this evening, I will be purchasing my SBI! Website subscription!!! 

It's time.  This is not an impulsive decision, but a well thought out, worked for and planned arrival along the path that started over two years ago.

Want to know why I'm waiting until tonight?  Past experience.  When I get excitied about beginning a new project, it's all too easy to "go to dessert first" before finishing my dinner...meaning, do what I have to do before starting on what I want to do.

Here is a link to an article on the 10 Disgusting Habits of Work From Home Internet Marketers .  I was never as bad as this list, but I did have a time when I felt obsessed with learning IM and my house and home office responsibilities definitely took a back burner.  This was when I was reading Honest Riches by Holly Mann.  Her book was actually a great way to begin my education on Internet Marketing...I'd still highly recommend it for those starting out in this big "field of dreams", but afterwards, if building a website is how you want to proceed, the information from SBI is far more in depth...perfect for the 2nd stage of the process.

This time, I'm in a great place.  My house and home office work are up to date...I'm healthy and exercising...eating smart and healthy...basically...I'm ready! a few more hours, I'll actually begin my "college course" towards building my online business.

Today is a great day!


Karen from Website Babble said...

Hi Annie, I've been looking for a blog about how SBI is working for someone and I think I found it!

I love the fact you have got your house and exercise in order. I am not doing so well there. Some days I manage to pry myself away from the computer for "lunch" and take a walk or something, but housework? When you finish all your rooms, wanna do mine?

Annie T. Baxter said...

Hi Karen!
So glad you have found my blog to be helpful regarding how SBI is working for me.

Though I'm not always on-spot with my daily "to-do's", I have found that I'm more consistent than ever...

Regarding your housework...I'd hate to deprive you of the joy you will feel when you get to "check" that task off your list!