Monday, February 15, 2010

Site Build It Action Guide Update: Big Picture & Day 1

Three days into owning SBI and I'm feeling at ease...not the least bit overwhelmed. 

Thus far I have read the "Big Picture Introduction--Prepare To Succeed" and Day 1 -- Master The Basics.

As I have been reading and have come across links for articles to read, I'm bookmarking them into 1 of 2 folders:
~Read NOW
After I read each article I will decide if I can delete the bookmark or  if I should re-file the article into a reference folder.  For example, one article has to do with building in-bound links...definitely something I can see would be of importance for future reference.

Also, instead of printing every page of the Action Guide, I'm reading until I come across something that I believe I'll need to have in front of me...such as the technical directions on how to work some of the research tools, etc.

A great piece of advice I read in one of the SBI e-zines about getting started is:  Put your SBI blinders on....meaning, don't let the books, forums, newsletters, etc, of other methods draw your attention away.  All we need to focus on is the education from SBI.  So, I took an hour yesterday to clean out my original Internet Marketing notebooks, articles, brainstorm lists, etc.  Also, I bagged up and stored my copy of Honest Riches by Holly Mann.  It served it's purpose, but I don't need it now.

There were several issues of a magazine from my niche topic that I had accumulated.  I tore out the pertinent articles I wanted to keep for future reference and created a file by subject.  It will be a while before I need to think about them again, but for now they are not a piled distraction.

Still doing well on my home and personal to-do lists.  It dawned on me last night that to be successful in all areas of my life comes down to the simple act of discipline. 

Won't it be great if it really is that simple?

Current Goals for Progress:

~Watch Video Action Guide for Big Picture and Day 1
~Read articles in the Read Now folder
~Stay organized:  Delete or sub-file by topic any bookmarks for articles I choose to keep

If I can accomplish these goals today, then I'll be set to start Day 2 tomorrow...Develop Your Best Site Concept!  Now that will feel like I'm getting some concrete poured for this business' foundation!


Karen said...

That simple if I had more discipline!! My finger keeps hovering over the button to buy SBI. I've still got a few doubts about another website when I've already got so much on my plate, but I think the process on one website will be a good learning experience to fill in the gaps and help me make my other sites better in the future as well.

Today's excuse: "I have to finish my first draft" on one really big site I've got a lot of time invested in and some half-finished pages that need to be finished before Google decides to list them and any one "real" comes by. I think then I could focus on doing the new one the SBI way.

Annie T. Baxter said...

Karen, I'm a firm believer that with most things...we will know when the time is right to make a move.

Some will say "just do it"...I say, do the prep work you need in order to be ready to go once you don't want to be mired down or get behind with other commitments then start feeling guilty about it all.

Truth be told...right now I'm looking at my household accounting work that I've ignored for two days...I've been working on my site with the intention of "once I finish this task, I'll do my other desk work"...and this afternoon, I will. I'm feeling good about my site progress, and I don't want the house or deskwork to get built, I'll do what my Dad told me and just buckle down and get caught up...then work a little harder and get ahead!